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What is Yin Yoga and how can this practice benefit you

In today’s world it seems there is yoga around each and every corner. From traditional Hatha yoga to more fusion versions such as yogalates, SUP Yoga and many more creative and fun ways to appeal to your unique needs.

Yin Yoga is a static practice where poses are held between 3 to 7 minutes. The aim is to relax the body, calm down the nervous system and provide the body an opportunity to restore and replenish our energy centers, organs.

Since this form of yoga is a gentle yoga, all poses except a few a performed on the floor. The poses are very passive poses, using the force of gravity to aid in deepening the poses and the stillness to go within.

What is yin yoga?

Yin Yoga is based on Traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist principles where there are two forces: Yin and Yang which is an eternal dance of balancing the opposites. The aim is not to ‘stretch’ but to ‘stress’ the connective tissue, such as fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones.

On an energetic level, through stillness, Yin Yoga enables your body to release emotions such as sadness, anger, happiness, fear, anxiety that are trapped in the body and never had the opportunity to be expressed in our busy lives.

It is encouraged to allow those feelings to be released, but not to identify with them; to observe them, but not to be caught up in them.

It costs the body a lot of energy to keep things suppressed, so the release you feel from letting it all come out can be just as big.

Is Yin Yoga safe and for all levels?

Yin Yoga is safe. The practice encourages the usages of many types of props such as bolsters and blocks straps. The aim is to find the edge of being comfortable, relax into it and not cause any strains or pains. The usage of props allows catering for all levels and most injuries. Additionally, as you may use as many or as little props as you wish, all levels are catered for in the same session. The poses request stillness of the mind and body. Not flexibility or strength.

Are you ready to try Yin Yoga? Are you ready to detoxify your body, engage in calming down your nervous system and balancing your inner compass of wellbeing?

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