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Space Clearing Course

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Space Clearing Course

This is the first of a series of courses I designed to empower everyone to make changes in their life.

It is a life changing course. You will look at everything around you from a different perspective.
You will receive all the tools you need to recognise the energy in a space and to balance, clean it.

What you will also learn

  • How to recognize different types of energies in a space
  • How to energetically clean your house, office, car, food, personal belongings, your aura etc. – lots of easy rituals.
  • How to download your space with programs like Love, Family, Comfort, Healthy Food (for your fridge) in such a way you will be charged with positive energy when you are at home.
  • You will be given lots of tips and tricks that you can use in everyday life to create the environment you want.
  • All the rituals are very simple and easy to do to change the energy in your space. They do not require a lot of time.

Duration: 5 hours

Time: 11 AM – 4 PM

Energy Exchange: 599 AED

Can be done: On Site and Online

(for the first 5 people we can offer 5% discount)

Space Clearing Course