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Lama Fera Workshop

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Lama Fera Workshop

Lama Fera is a powerful energy healing which can clear energies even if they are very old and very stubborn.

Lama Fera is an ancient Buddhist healing technique, which uses the Universal Vital Force emanating from Lord Buddha. This healing system has been used by Tibetan Lamas for centuries to heal all sentient beings on the physical, mental and spiritual plane. There are 16 symbols that a healer uses which contain mystical energies to heal and balance the client. The healing works in persona and distance as well.

Benefits of Lama Fera Course

  • Become your own trusted healerand even heal others’! Bring relief to chronic diseases
  • Bring harmony in life as you can work on improving all your relationships
  • Give a big boost to your self-developmentefforts – Lama Fera helps to get rid of unwanted habits
  • Get more freedom in life as you can overcome fear, anxiety and tensions
  • Lama Fera is one of the best techniques to remove negative energies
  • Also, remove negative energy from a person or space
  • With regular work, you’ll find that deep-seated blockages in any area of your life can be removed
  • Lama Fera assists in our connection with the Higher Self
  • Another added advantage is that your psychic abilities are greatly enhanced by using this healing modality
  • Also, it increases your spiritual and intuitive abilities

Course INCLUDES: Lama Fera Healing Kit

  • Learn this excellent self-help tool and powerful modality for healing others as well
  • Mastering this ancient technique will empower you to tackle any concern in your life with ease
  • The gentle yet powerful healing energies will change you overall – your vibrations will get high, your psychic abilities will get improved plus you will enjoy good health and relationships
  • This is a fantastic training for existing healers to give a big advantage to their career

Who Is This Program For

  • Anybody who has been long suffering from bad relationships or finances or chronic health issues.
  • Anybody looking for a gentle yet super-powerful methodto rid negative energies from themselves, their loved ones or clients
  • All Healersworking with symbols. See how Lama Fera symbols can take your work to the next level.
  • If you are somebody who has always been aware ofnegative energies and now you want to know how to shield yourself against them.
  • Anybody looking to increase their psychic abilities.
  • All those interested in personal development,who want a technique to get rid of unwanted habits, and deep-seated blockages.

Time: 11- 5

Energy exchange: 1299/- AED


  • Introduction to Lama Fera
  • History and Benefits
  • Information on all Chakras
  • 6 Healing Symbols.
  • Self-healing Process
  • Direct Healing Process

Time: 11- 5

Energy exchange: 2200/- AED


  • Purpose of each frequency
  • Meditation per frequency
  • 6 more powerful Symbols
  • Attunements and Ritual Process
  • How to conduct a healing session for clients
  • Distant Healing, Individual healing, short healing, long healing etc.

Duration: 2 days

Time: 10am – 6pm

Energy Exchange: 1499/-


  • Level 3 attunement
  • All symbols
  • Advance reiki healing techniques
  • Advance reiki meditations n breath work
  • Psychic surgery
  • Spiritual path and concepts

You’ll Get
• Study Material
• Completion Certificate
• Lama Fera Healing Tools: Earth Sticks, Crystal Wand (Burning Stick), Sketchu Mala (Bodhi Mala) & Maroon Robe

Lama Fera Workshop