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Kundalini Reiki Level.1 Practitioner Certification course

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Kundalini Reiki Level.1 Practitioner Certification course

Instructor/Facilitator – Dr. Zafar Hussain with 20 years’ experience.

Kundalini Reiki is one of the simplest, fastest, safe and most powerful healing and self-development systems. It is a miles stronger model of traditional ‘Usui Reiki’ and it doesn’t require the hand positions and symbols. It is a synergy of Universal and Earth energies connecting to higher consciousness and healing. You can perform a full healing in as little as 5 minutes.

It is an extremely easy, versatile, fast and effective system. Through the attunement your energy channel will be opened and strengthened for self-healing and the healing of others-in person & distance. It fits perfectly into any type of holistic therapy.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about Kundalini Reiki
  • Everyone who wants to become energetic channels of increasing power
  • Everyone who wants to enrich their curriculum of holistic practices
  • Everyone who wants to embark on a spiritual journey
  • Everyone who is in search of effective methods of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual auto-healing
  • Everyone who wants to learn an effective, quick and extremely powerful energetic method.
  • Specifically benefitted for Usui Reiki Masters/Healers.

Kundalini Reiki first attunement opens the healing channels to allow channeling of Reiki energy. At the same time, you are prepared for the Kundalini awakening in Kundalini Reiki 2. The Crown, Heart and hand chakras are opened/strengthened. You are taught to perform a complete healing treatment and to heal remotely from a distance. Kundalini Reiki 1 is the equivalent of the USUI Reiki 1-2 attunements. You will learn how to:

  • Perform in-person healing,
  •  Perform distant healings,
  • Energetically cleanse a room or house,
  • Heal Karmic bands,
  • Situation and qualities healing (send healing energy to any situation or personal quality).

Course Include

  • Kundalini Reiki L-1 Theory Class
  • Kundalini Reiki L-1 course manual in PDF
  • Kundalini Reiki 1 – certificate

Kundalini Reiki level 2 aims to strengthen the previous attunement of Kundalini Reiki level 1 as well as open the Root Chakra and enlarges the third eye. The Kundalini awakening, where the main energy channel opens gently and surely, alighting the Kundalini “fire”, reaches the minimum Solar Plexus chakra, preparing for the full Kundalini rising in Kundalini Reiki 3. You are also taught a specific kundalini reiki meditation. You will learn how to:

  • use Kundalini energy in your healings, and
  • practice the Kundalini Reiki Meditation, which helps in the rising and cleansing process.

The previous attunements are strengthened and the Throat, Solar Plexus, Heart and Root Chakras are opened. The Kundalini energy is strengthened and reaches up and out of the Crown chakra - full rising of the Kundalini takes place. You will learn how to attune people, crystals, and other objects to Kundalini Reiki. Your energy bodies and channels are strengthened and widened to increase the amount of energy you can channel.
The Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher level aims to provide additional types of treatments and energy healing tools. Extra included functions within the level 3 attunement:

  1. Balance
  2. Diamond Reiki, 
  3. Crystalline Reiki, 
  4. DNA Reiki,
  5. Birth trauma Reiki,
  6. Location Reiki, 
  7. Past Life Reiki.

You are also taught to teach, attunement and pass on Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3 to others.

Kundalini Reiki Level.1 Practitioner Certification course