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healing Session

Crystals Intuitive

Crystals Intuitive is a course to tap into the healing power of crystals and learn how to work with crystals to heal yourself and others. It has 3 levels and all levels will teach you techniques, concepts and abilities to heal different issues.


  • Theory of chakras
  • Chakra diagnosis with pendulum
  • Crystals Attunement meditation
  • Techniques to tap into the energy of crystals
  • Self-healing with crystals
  • Healing others with crystals
  • Space cleansing
  • Aura cleansing
  • Shielding & protection
  • Metaphysics of body
  • Basics of crystals: names, qualities
  • How to cleanse & charge crystals
  • Meditations


  • Theory of shapes, numbers and colors
  • Crystal grids for manifestations
  • Crystal grids for healing
  • Working with elements – earth, water, fire, air and spirit
  • Understanding programs and how to step out of the matrix into conscious creation
  • Advanced pendulum techniques
  • Programming Crystals
  • Psychic surgery with grids
  • Meditations


  • Understanding curses, hexes, negative energies, psychic attacks, karmic entanglements
  • Cleansing and healing negative psychic energies with crystals
  • Working with crystals to auto write
  • Intention setting, affirmation building and conscious manifestations
  • Distance healing with crystals
  • Quantum leaps, de programming and conscious creation advance level
  • Kundalini breath work meditation
All 3 levels of crystals course will take you progressively to higher intuition, psychic awareness and spiritual ascension. Its designed to awaken your own abilities and help you become aware of concepts that can free you!