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Theta Healing

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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a healing modality created by Vianna Stibal in 1995. She created this while she was going through her own journey of healing from a tumor. Theta healing is a Meditative technique and is based on Spiritual principles and works through clearing limiting beliefs which help to bring balance and harmony on all levels. Theta Healing uses the concept of 7 planes of existence and accessing the 7th plane which is the plane of the Creator through accessing Theta brain waves.
Theta Healing

How does Theta Healing work?

The founder of this technique, Vianna Stibal, found out that our beliefs affect us on all levels including our physical and mental, genetics and at spiritual levels .And clearing the core beliefs can bring transformation on all levels. The process of Theta Healing involves educating the client about how we create our lives, including our diseases and problems and how we can clear them to design the life of our dreams. Theta Healing involves guiding the client into the Theta brain wave state which is a state of deep relaxation and helps the client to tune into the plane of the Creator, in which one can clear away the limiting beliefs and consciously create the life that they wish to live. 

It’s believed that there are 5 brain wave states-  gamma ,beta, alpha, theta and Delta .In a Theta Healing session , one accesses the Theta brainwave to tune into the Creator frequency .Theta state is believed to assist with deep relaxation , freedom from stress and anxiety, relieve in pain and a feeling of joy and bliss.

What happens in a Theta Healing session?

In the session, the practitioner facilitates the client to find out their core beliefs that are causing the concerned issue/disease .The technique used for the purpose is called Digging. It helps the client to go through the various layer of beliefs around the concerned issue, eventually finding the core belief that was creating it and when that core belief is cleared, the issue starts to dissipate as well on physical, mental and emotional levels .Kinesiology is also used to connect with the inner intelligence to find out what beliefs are causing an issue and how they can be cleared.

What can Theta Healing help heal?

Theta Healing can help a person with clearing all sorts of diseases like physical pain, chronic fatigue, emotional issues, loneliness, anxiety, depression, confusion, lack of clarity, not being able to open up to people and life .Theta Healing can also help in manifesting the desired job or a desired partner or a desired home .It can help in designing the life of your dreams through connecting with the Creator.
Theta Healing Therapy