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The Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been a popular topic in the New age spiritual circles or amongst the people who believe in creating their own reality in the recent times. There have been a lot of books written on this topic and also documentaries made. According to this Law, every person in flesh and bone is a Creator and they create their reality consciously or unconsciously with their thought, beliefs, emotions and feelings.

Most people haven’t awakened their consciousness to the extent that they could create consciously so their creations happen in the same old patterns .In simple words what we send out in our thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions is what we get back in our reality. It’s believed that the clearer we get about what we want in life and the more we focus our attention on that, the faster we would be able to manifest that into our reality .Its believed that the information around the Law of attraction was kept a secret in the ancient times in the mystery schools and very few people would get access to these but in the recent times more and more light is being thrown on the subject and more and more people are becoming aware of the esoteric information around the Law of Attraction. It’s also believed that the collective consciousness of the planet has awakened beyond a threshold which in turn is supporting the awakening of more and more humans

How can Law of Attraction help?

Mastering the law of attraction can help one manifest their wildest dreams, whether it’s to acquire wealth or to find spiritual freedom or to heal any physical, emotional or mental ailments or to manifest a desired home or a romantic partner. Any of the above and much more can be achieved if one can truly Master this Law. There are stories of Yogis and Spiritual Masters manifesting and DE manifesting realities by mastering the Law of Attraction.

The key to mastering this law is to take 100% responsibility for one’s life.

What are some ways to make Law of attraction work in our favor?

Any tools that help us to raise our vibration to higher states will help us turn this Law in our favor. Meditation , prayer, visualization , Yogic mudras , asana , Pranayama’s ,bandhas ,kriyas, nlp , hypnosis , Reiki , Theta Healing , Pranic healing , crystals , they all can be used to raise our vibrations and clear lower vibrations like fear , guilt ,shame etc. and help us to align with our Consciousness and our pure energy , hence raising our vibrational states to that of joy ,well-being , abundance and ease .Ho’oponopono and Violet flame meditation are also two very powerful techniques that can help one to raise their vibrations and transmute lower dense energies into that of love and light. Living in Gratitude and in a state of appreciation is another sure shot way of staying in a high vibe .The more we bless the more we are blessed