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Are you overwhelmed? Feel tired and can’t focus? Bodily aches and pains which doesn’t have medical reasons? Hormones out of balance?

Stress Management Therapy

This is all stress related. Stress makes it hard for us to enjoy many things in life, be it a good relationship, success or just your existence! Because a stressed person is always operating from worry. That makes it impossible to feel joy in life. Long term consequences of prolonged stress could be serious. In psychology there is something called Vulnerability Stress Model. According to this model we carry genetic predisposition to certain illnesses like heart issue, diabetes, cancer etc. Some people get it some don’t. It’s all related to how much stress a person has endured over a period of time to have activated a genetic predisposition illness.

Some might never get it and some would get the illness.

Managing stress is very important as it will directly decide your health and quality of life. There are many ways to manage stress.

Stress management strategies could include yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, counselling, breath-work, sound healing, reiki healing. An expert therapist will formulate your personalized stress management therapy by evaluating your stress levels on the initial assessment and provide a plan for you to take in sessions and outside at your daily life to help you manage your emotions and stress.

At Light n Peace Wellness, a beautiful space in Abu Dhabi you can book a free 30 minutes assessment with an expert therapist who will guide you to your personalized treatment plan for stress management. Book your slot today!

– Nazish Khan

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