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Stress management strategies

Stress is main cause of many illnesses in body and issues in life. We all need to have ways to release stress and manage our everyday routines.  Some people develop unhealthy coping mechanisms to manage their stress like over eating, gaming addiction, smoking etc. some people develop anxiety issues or hormonal imbalances with prolonged stress.

Stress management is as important as healthy diet and exercise.  Several ways to manage stress includes meditation, reiki, yoga, sound healing, walking, breath work, spending time in nature to sum a few.

At Light n Peace, a beautiful wellbeing center in the heart of Abu Dhabi we work passionately to improve the quality of life and well-being for the community. We have an amazing team of experts who provide a range of therapies all design for mental health and general well-being. We offer free 30 minutes sessions where you can speak to a therapist over the phone or in person and they will evaluate your stress levels and provide a tailor made approach which will suit your case the best. Book your free consultation now!

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