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Space Cleansing

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Space Cleansing

Space Cleansing means simply to clear the space that we are living or working in and keep it in a high vibration. Everything in the Universe vibrates at a certain vibrational frequency including our bodies and the spaces that we are surrounded by. And if we are living in spaces that are vibrationally low, then it might not be as favorable for our well-being as it would be if we are living in a healthy high vibrational space. When we clear our surroundings, it promotes the healthy flow of fresh life force and hence promotes well-being on all levels. The ancient science of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui also lay a lot of emphasis on how the spaces that we live in have an immediate effect on our quality of life.
space Cleaning

How can we clear our Space?

There can be a lot of ways in which the vibration of our living and working spaces can be raised. One of the most important aspect of keeping of our spaces in high vibration is to keep it clean and clutter free. Remove any old or unused items from your house and work space. Anything that’s not functional shouldn’t be kept around because it carries stagnant energies. Use of candles, oil lamps and incenses can also be used to raise the energy. Fire element purifies everything it comes in touch with and fragrances of incense have an uplifting effect. Evaporating camphor crystals in the space also has a very cleansing effect. You can also raise the vibration of your space using Mantras. 

Mantras carry powerful vibrations and they can raise the vibrations of your space instantly. Using vibrant lively colors on the walls of your living and working spaces also has a very uplifting effect on our moods. One can also invoke White and Golden light for the energizing of the Space with higher vibrations. Plant and tree extracts like sage and Palo Santo can also be burnt to clear the space of any stagnant or low energies and helps to raise the vibrations. Sacred symbols, Reiki Symbols, flowers and crystals they all help clear the space and raise its vibration.

A powerful healer can work miracles on space cleansing ensuring the release of any harmful energies, bringing benevolent energies and guiding you as to how to maintain the beautiful energy in your home or office.

Benefits of Space clearing:

Since everything is vibration, including our physical bodies and our minds, therefore clearing the Space can promote well-being on all levels. It can promote enhanced physical energy, uplifted moods, clarity of mind, freedom from stress, anxiety and feeling of overall ease and calm .It can help create more harmonious relationships with the people around us, whether at home or at work .It can also be instrumental in enhanced flow of money because money is energy too and living in stagnant spaces can block money flows. A good space can create a good life!