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Salt Cave Therapy in Abu Dhabi!

Salt Cave Therapy in Abu Dhabi

Himalayan salt lamps are soon becoming a household trend. Salt Cave Therapy is also known as Halotherapy.

These salts are known to have tremendous health and spiritual benefits. In spiritual community we believe these salts can absorb negative energies and cleanse the space where it’s kept. Scientifically salt is a natural and safe ingredient. It does not have any notable side effects. It is also:

Mucoactive, clearing up mucus from your airways

Antibacterial, helping prevent infections




Himalayan Crystal Salt is more than mere salt: it is the energy of the primal sea, the Earth, the Sun, and the stars. Once sought by emperors, kings, and sultans, natural crystal salt is believed to be a remedy: it has been known and used as a holistic remedy for centuries.

In spirituality we also believe salts provides grounding, improves mood, and releases negativity. It’s extremely healing to release feelings of abandonment, works on reducing physical aches and pains and cleanses your heart chakra so you can let go with ease.

Himalayan crystal salt can activate and help with flow of the acupuncture meridians. The resonant vibration of Himalayan salt activates our self-healing and self-regulating abilities. When our body is sick and lacking its natural frequency, salt can bring us back into our original, balanced state.

We at Light n Peace invite you to try our salt cave room. It’s a cozy space to just sit and meditate, listen to calming music, meditate to get creative ideas, do a yoga session, receive a healing session. We invite therapists to book this space for healing, yoga, therapies with their clients as well we invite anyone who just wants to use the space for calming and self work.

Contact us to know more about it.

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