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Pranic Healing

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Pranic Healing

When a practitioner uses “Prana” or life force as a primary tool for healing or balancing , it’s referred to as Pranic healing. It involves working on the Pranic body ,also known as the energy body or the Bioplasmic body .The word “Prana” or “Praan” finds it roots in the ancient Sanskrit language and is made of two words “Pra” meaning constant and “ an “meaning flow or movement. So Prana is the constantly flowing energy of all creations in the Universe.
In other cultures the same energy is referred to as “Ki” or “chi. It is one of the Two Primary aspects of all creation “Purush and prakriti” or “Shiva and Shakti “ in which Purush or Shiva is the static aspect of creation and Prakriti or Shakti are the dynamic aspects of creation which we also refer to as Prana .
Pranic Healing

How can Pranic healing be used for healing?

Pranic Healing is based on a very simple concept that any physical , emotional or or mental issue or any other issue is a result of the flow of the prana or life force being blocked by something . When the Prana flows naturally and easily it results in ease and harmony whereas any disturbance in the flow of Prana materializes as disease, disharmony and discomfort .So the work of a Pranic Healer is to restore the flow of the Prana or life force hence bringing it into harmony and balance. Our body has its innate ability to heal itself when the Prana or life force is flowing smoothly .

Pranic Healing session:

In a Pranic healing session , the practitioner uses their Auric vision and hands to read /scan any blocks in the Aura and chakra system also known as the Bioplasmic body of the client which manifests as a physical, mental or emotional imbalance. 

There are two main aspects of Pranic Healing:

  1. Cleansing/Sweeping: Which involves cleansing of any blocks whether it be due to depletion of prana or congestion which is the excess of prana.
  2. Energizing of the bioplasmic body: First the Healer removes any stuck diseased energies in the pranic body and then energizes it with the fresh Prana, hence restoring health and vitality.

The practitioner also uses a technique called “disentangling” or “combing” which involves disentangling of the health rays of a person’s Bioplasmic body which also promotes further clearing of the bioplasmic body and free flow of prana in the system.

Different types of Prana:

Pranas can be categorized into Sun Prana which is the energy of the Sun, air prana – the energy in air, Earth prana which is the energy of the earth and color Prana which involves using different colors as frequencies for different purposes.

What can be healed with Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing can be used to heal multitude of issues. Since all physical and mental issues are a manifestation of disturbance in the Pranic or Bioplasmic body, therefore it can help with any physical issue like chronic pains and aches or inflammation in any part of the body, arthritis, hernia, migraines etc. It can also aid in relieving mental and emotional disturbances like anxiety, phobia, depression and confusion .Pranic healing is a very simple yet powerful technique to bring balance, ease and well-being into a person’s life