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Marital counselling

Marriage is a special relationship and perhaps one of the longest a person can have with another. It’s one of the most intimate of relationships a person can have as well.  Between two people every event of life is shared. Sometimes the beginning is great and issues develop when we become parents. Partners could disagree on parenting styles and values that we teach a child. Sometimes issues are on other aspects like difference in personality or extended family conflicts. Sometimes issues can be deeper like trauma, abuse or infidelity.

Couples come to take counselling often as a last attempt to save their relationship. A detailed consultation is conducted by a therapist to understand the conflict and a plan is presented to them on what can work for them as a couple and individually in sessions. Both parties will mutually agree to take on the sessions and work on the relationship.

But sometimes only one person in relationship is ready to work on oneself and other partner is reluctant which is okay as at least one person is choosing to do something for themselves.

At Light n Peace Wellness, we have options of online and in person marital counselling, relationship therapy with experienced therapists. Get in touch with us to book your free consultation.

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