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Life with clear chakra

Life with Clear Chakra-Chakra Healing

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning of which is “wheel”.

As we know wheels are circular structures which when applied force creates movements. In our body also we have 7 major chakras which are also known as energy centers circulating the prana (life)

The chakra system is believed to be originated in India between 15000 and 5oo B.C in the oldest text called the Vedas. 

There is evidence of the word chakra(wheel) in  

 The Shri Jabala Darshana Upanishad. 

The Chudamani Upanishad 

The yoga-shikha Upanishad 

The Shandilya Upanishad 

The movement of the chakras is not just within the human body but in & out of it creating the “Aura” 

Aura is made up of our physical body, Etheric     body, emotional body, mental body and a causal body hence a clear aura is a sign of wellbeing. 

The 7 major chakras when balanced creates a sense of equilibrium in all aspects of life such as Health, Finance & Relationship. Let us have a look at these chakras in detail and how they can help us living a fulfilling life. 

1 ROOT CHAKRA which is red in color located at the base of the spine and is responsible for our survival. Balanced or cleared root chakra helps us to manifest all our desires with ease. We overcome fears and come out of survival mode to lead a more fulfilling life true to our purpose and authenticity.   

2 SACRAL CHAKRA   which is orange in color and located just two inches below navel is the womb of creation. Balanced or cleared sacral chakra enhances the creativity, sensuality and helps establishing healthy relationships. Contentment is an aspect of this chakra. 

3 SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA which is yellow in color and situated two inches above the navel is the POWER HOUSE. A balanced solar plexus creates confidence and leadership qualities. It also improves speed of manifestation.   

4 HEART CHAKRA which is green in color and located at the center of the chest is the home where all the energies merge functioning to restore the basic human emotion that’s LOVE. The balanced heart chakra helps you forgive and let go, making you kind, lovable and compassionate. 

5 THROAT CHAKRA which is blue in color and located in the throat helps you express and communicate better. Once balanced you overcome  fear of judgements and learn to speak your truth in a convincing and compassionate manner.  

6 THIRD EYE CHAKRA which is indigo in color and is located in between the eyebrows empowers you with the psychic perception and awareness. When balanced you are more intuitive, make better decisions and you overcome doubts.  

7 CROWN CHAKRA  which is violet or white in color is the master chakra connecting you with the creator, the universe. Balanced crown blesses you with spiritual awakening and a feeling of oneness with everyone and everything. 

Life with clear chakras is blessing as you release blocked emotional energies, physically you are always fresh and energetic, grounded, better immunity enjoying a balanced sexual life, your body is in homeostasis. There is better digestion no more acidity and an ever-glowing skin. Emotionally you feel loved and appreciated and there’s a sense of emotional maturity helping you understand and resolve complex emotions. 

With better self-worth, grounded and confident self you make money easily. Savings, profits and abundant opportunities comes to you with ease. 

Spiritually you meditate better and have a sense of connection with the divine.

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