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Grounding - Earth Healing

Grounding, also, known as Earthing is a therapeutic technique that involves connecting to the Earth directly by physical contact with earth or using energetic tools to connect with the Earth. Connection with the Earth is believed to be vital for our overall well-being. Like a tree needs strong roots to thrive, we human beings also need a strong connection to the Earth for a strong foundation to build our lives from. Without the strong connection with the Earth we would be like a frail tree with weak roots that would be vulnerable to stormy weather. 

Science behind Grounding: 

According to science, the earth is highly conductive and it contains abundance of free or mobile electrons .These electrons have a balancing effect on the Bio-electrical charge of the body which enhances the healthy functioning of the body systems and also regulates the Biological clock and optimum function of the glands. According to research, absorption of free electrons into the body neutralizes Reactive oxygen species which helps in reducing inflammation. A lot of other researches approve multiple health benefits of Grounding.

 From the ancient times humans have honored the Earth as a deity and it’s also referred to as “Mother “ by some. In the earlier times people used to walk bare foot or have footwear that would not block their connection to the Earth and they used to sleep on the mats that were electrically conductive and allowed the flow of free electrons from the Earth. But the modern society with its lifestyles somehow has gotten us a bit disconnected from the Earth and therefore it has affected our well-being on all levels.

Grounding techniques:

The most simple grounding technique is to walk bare foot on Earth. Apart from this, taking mud baths and laying on Earth also help in grounding .If one can’t get in direct contact with the Earth , one can also visualize roots growing out of the root chakra and going deep into the Earth .Another technique is to imagine pulling the energy of the Earth through the feet and the root chakra .Prithvi Mudra can also be used to enhance the connection with the Earth .Clearing and balancing the root chakra with Energy healing techniques like Reiki and Pranic also have enormous benefits and it strengthens the connection with the Earth . 

Benefits of Grounding:

Grounding strengthens our connection to Earth and creates a strong foundation for our existence on the planet .It helps us to feel safe and secure in our Being and thus it enhances our wellbeing on all levels .It helps us to clear and release survival issues and thus clearing away any anxiety and fear which in turn helps to reduce any inflammations on the physical level

Session with a healer for grounding works through reiki, crystals, meditation or sound healing like modalities which are specifically designed to provide grounding and centering your energy which might have gotten all over the pace with stress and anxieties.

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