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Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing

The word crystal originates from the Greek word “krustallos” which means ice. The ancient Greeks believed that crystals were ice frozen to the extent where it wouldn’t melt to water again .But now we have a better understanding of crystals scientifically .Crystals belong to the crystalline category of the solids where the atoms and molecules are arranged in a highly ordered fashion compared to the other solids where the arrangement isn’t that ordered. That gives Crystals the physical as well as the energetic characteristics they possess.

Crystals were formed inside the earth’s surface thousands of years back from the solidification of the molten lava and other fluids inside the earth. The study of crystals is called Crystallography.
Crystal Healing

How do crystals help in healing?

From the ancient times Crystals have been used for their metaphysical , mystical and healing qualities .Most of the ancient cultures like Greeks , Egyptians and Indians were aware of the spiritual nature of the crystals .They were used as Talismans and amulets to protect against evil and psychic attacks and also for protection against sickness and bad luck . There are some beliefs that crystals are Pure Creator energy brought forth from other realms to transform and transmute the energies of the Earth plane.

What happens in a crystal healing session?

In a crystal healing session the Healer uses his intuitive guidance as well as their knowledge to use specific crystals for the client’s issue. The crystals can be placed on different parts of the body which corresponds to a certain chakra or they can be put around the client to form a grid .Crystals are also used as dowsers to read a client’s energy and to find out which areas need more work .Some Healers use just crystals for healing and some mix it up with other modalities like Reiki, hypnotherapy, pranic healing etc. to enhance the effects of the healing session. Different crystals have different properties. Some crystals are used to cleanse energy while some are used to enhance the energy while some are used to balance the energies and some to dissolve dense solidified patterns .Some of the popular crystals are Clear quartz , smoky quartz , rose quartz , citrine , black tourmaline, amethyst , jade etc.

What can crystals help with?

Crystals can be used to heal vast variety of issues like anxiety, depression , confusion , grief ,loneliness, chronic physical pain like migraines, arthritis ,sciatica, physical and mental fatigue , emotional disturbances , phobias , acid reflux , insomnia etc. Crystals can also be used by someone who is feeling stuck in their life and lacks direction and guidance .Crystals help to connect us with our own inner Higher guidance and hence it helps to find the best path for the person. Crystals are believed to be living entities carrying living Source energy and hence must be treated with honor. Crystals must be cleansed on a regular basis to remove any stagnant energies .salts, sunlight, moonlight, sea waves, earth all provide amazing cleansing and charging for crystals.
Crystal Healing Benefits