Chakra Healing Therapy in Abu Dhabi by LightnPeace

Chakra healing

Chakra healing

Have you had that moment of complete alignment with universe so much that your will and universal will is one!

Chakras are a gateway to ascension. Aligned chakras promote success in every aspect of life. Chakra healing is a process and takes a while before a person has mastered its full potential. But every step counts. 

Chakras gets blocked because of traumas, negative beliefs or low energies. To keep oneself cleared and aligned in life we must keep our chakras cleared and balanced. 

Meditation, reiki, crystals healing, sound healing etc. are all ways to ensure clean and balanced chakras. 

Get a free chakra reading with our chakra healers today @Light n Peace Wellness. Our therapists will read your chakras and provide best resources specifically designed for your wellbeing. Contact us today and book your slot!

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