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Chakra Healing

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Chakra Healing

Chakras are believed to be the centers of energy that exist along the Sushumna Nadi, (which happens to be the central energy meridian that runs along the spine) that regulate and circulate the flow of prana or life force energy throughout the subtle energy system of an individual .The other two prime energy meridians are called the Ida and the Pingala. The Subtle energy system is comprised of 7 Major chakras (Energy centers), minor chakras and Nadis (Energy meridians through which the energy flows) .There are believed to be 72 thousand Nadis/ energy meridians in the subtle energy system. The word Chakra finds its roots in the Vedic literature and it means a “Wheel” or a “cycle”. The seven major chakras are Mooladhar chakra (Root ) , Swadishthan Chakra (Sacral chakra) , Manipura Chakra (Solar plexus chakra) , Anahata Chakra (Heart chakra ) ,Vishuddhi Chakra (throat chakra ) , Ajna Chakra ( Third eye Chakra ) and Sahasrar Chakra (Crown chakra). It’s believed that the healthy functioning of Chakras is vital for the individual’s overall well being and if any chakra is disturbed or blocked , it affects the flow of prana and hence manifests as some sort of disease in an individual’s life. It’s also believed that every chakra corresponds to a gland in our endocrine system, hence it is absolutely vital to keep the functioning of the chakras to its optimal function.
Chakra Healing

What is Chakra Healing?

Chakra Healing involves different tools and techniques that could be cultivated to balance, harmonize and clear the chakras. There can be a lot of ways in which the Chakras can be cleared and balanced. Some of the techniques are Visualization, Mantras , Mudras , Yoga Asanas , kriyas , Pranayamas , Reiki , Pranic Healing etc. Any of the above techniques can be used to clear and balance the chakras. 

A healer will provide you a chakra diagnosis first which will show you a clear view of where you need most support and healing and what you have as your strengths. Then they will go on to use specific targeted techniques to heal, cleanse, balance, activate your chakras systematically, which will open your corresponding areas of life

How can Chakra healing help?

As mentioned earlier, different chakras are associated with different glands and hence balancing that chakra will balance the issues that might be arising from the imbalance of that particular gland. Healing the chakras also have an impact on the emotional and mental states of the client. Chakras get blocked for many reasons. It could be our traumas, emotional state, people we hang out with, emotions etc.

What can Chakra Healing help with?

Chakra Healing is an integrated approach to healing and it brings about well being on all levels of the being. It’s a key element in spiritual ascension. Not only does it alleviate physical, emotional and mental symptoms, but it also assists in the spiritual evolution of the individual and helps in activating the dormant energy called the Kundalini Shakti, that’s believed to reside in the base of the spine.
Life with Clear Chakra-Chakra Healing