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Access Body Processes

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Access Body Processes

Access Body Processes , as the name suggests , are processes to facilitate change and transformation in the body and it’s facilitated through hands on touch at different places in the body .There are over 50+ body processes in Access Consciousness and they can help with different purposes to bring ease and transformation in the body . Some of the body processes are to dissolve old patterning of the body and some are used to enhance the functioning of different systems in the body. These processes can be used to easily shift and repair the body resulting in longevity and ease.
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What happens in an Access Body process session:

In the session , the practitioner does a hands on session and tunes into the client's body which in turn helps the facilitator to get Awareness on which body processes would be best for the client’s concerned issues and then starts to run those energies directly through physical hands on touch on the body parts that require those specific energies .The running of energies happens naturally and spontaneously and brings amazing healing in the body.

What can Access Body Processes help with?

The 50+ body processes can help bring transformation on all levels of the body .It can help clear chronic pains and tensions, allergies, vision issues, genetic patterns that we mimic from our family. They can help in the enhanced function of the organs and enhance the immunity and endurance and stamina of the body. Aging related issues can also be cleared with Access body process and they assist in the longevity of the body and help us to create better communication with our body so we can start to love and honor our bodies and treat them in a kind way.