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Access Bars

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Access Bars

Access Bars are one of the most primary tools of the Access Consciousness in facilitating Consciousness in one’s life .Access Bars was the beginning of Access Consciousness and it was channeled by Gary Douglas in 1995. Access Bars are 32 points on the head which when gently touched , helps to bring Awareness and release the electromagnetic charge of eons of societal conditioning, brainwash, suppression , abuse , belief systems , thoughts ,feelings and emotions stored in the brain in a very gentle and kind way .
Stress Management Strategies
Different points correspond to different aspects of life and just gently touching these points helps to release the load of lifetimes. It’s like pressing the delete button and all the junk that is keeping us in low vibration gets cleared up in a few minutes .Sounds like magic right ! People who take Bars session might get their whole life changed at the best and at the worst they might feel like they had an amazing spa or massage session .And it all happens with total ease and without any effort or force or pain .Some clients have even reported having spontaneous release of traumatic and abusive experiences from this lifetime as well as having regressed to past life experiences through access bars.

Philosophy behind Access Bars-

The nature of stuck energies is dualistic and that’s the reason why they get stuck in our systems at the first place .If we can remove the dualistic charge or in simpler words ,the judgments around the situation , the good and the bad , the right and the wrong , we would be free of these energies that keeps us stuck in patterns .That’s what Access Bars does .It brings consciousness into these aspects where there was no consciousness before and the Consciousness facilitates choice where there didn’t seem to be choice before and hence that helps to clear all the old patterns of lack , limitation and disease , all with total ease . What can be changed with Access Bars – People have claimed huge shifts just after one session of Bars. Since these points correspond to different aspects of one’s life, they can help with all aspects like self-image, money , relationships , intimacy etc. .
There is a feeling of deep relaxation and freedom from anxieties and fears after the session. Self-judgments and the monkey mind chatter also calms down and there is a feeling of well-being and calm. Bars can help to clear old patterns and bring about change in all aspects of the life .Students who take Bars sessions have reported better learning, more focus and freedom from the fear of exams. PTSD patients also report of having much relief after a session of Bars. Basically bars is a great tool to help you release all your stress, anxiety and discomfort. You will feel refreshed, a sense of space in your head and many more benefits.