Access Bar Healing Therapy in Abu Dhabi by LightnPeace

Access Bar Healing


Have you ever wondered why sometimes it’s hard to just let go? Do you feel that one day you just wake up and not feel so tired, burned out or heavy with unresolved emotional backlog?

The cells of our body store all things we experience as information. Like when you play football and after the game you have the earth, mud sweat all over you. Then you take a nice long shower to clean off and it’s so relaxing. That shower helps you feel refresh and alive. 

Just like we wash our body we need to wash our energy. We must clear all energetic debris which is often backlog information that we won’t need, emotions that could sometimes be overwhelming, traumas and other energies we pick from other people. By clearing things, we don’t need we give space to things that are more important. 

There are many ways to clear our energies but access bar healing happen to be one powerful technique. There are 32 energy points on our head called bars. A bars practitioner will gently run energies there and your body goes in cleansing mode. That one session of bars will clear energies big and small and leave you feeling light, relaxed and more aligned to what’s important. It’s an investment in your mental health as stress could be causing various issues in body of a person. We all need to find a way to let go of stress deeply and live a better quality of live where we are not just surviving but thriving and there’s excitement to live the day!

Come for a free consultation with our access bars practitioner today in Abu Dhabi and receive a free energy reading too!

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