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About Us

Crystal Healing Therapies & Courses

Light & Peace is a holistic wellness platform designed to offer you powerful spiritual activations and healings.

We have soulful therapists, healers and yogis guiding your journey in a beautiful space designed to activate all 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and spirit. Yes you hear it right! Our space is designed to provide healings and activations by just being here! We also have one of a kind Himalayan salt room which will cleanse your energy, improve your breathing and enhance your immunity by just being there and breathing!

We at Light & Peace are committed to help you find a right therapist, healer or guru for you until you reach your own self-mastery. We invite you to journey with us on this splendid journey that starts with self-healing to self-mastery.

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our mission

Our logo incorporates the sun, moon and stars and more stars guiding you to reach ascension. True masters are like stars. You follow any one of them and you will reach your destination.

The journey involves healing all traumas, negative behavioral patterns, and negative beliefs ans other blockages. The healers are expert in finding the blockages for you and helping you clear away all that can release. You only need a guru temporarily. Eventually you become your own guide. That’s what we stand for. To create more awake, aware and conscious people on planet. Come and explore the journey of light and peace with us!